• Beacon Wi-Fi – Gold

    The Gold service is an all encompassing Beacon Wi-Fi amenity package including the Beacon Wi-Fi Network, a live hosted MarinaCam, a managed landing page and advertising revenue potential.
    1) The Marina, Yacht Club or Port pays a small installation fee, usually a fraction of the equipment costs. This includes all hardware and installation costs – and our proprietary noise management technology and configurations.

    2) Beacon Wi-Fi maintains ownership of the equipment so we are 100% responsible for the upkeep, upgrade and installation of the network – no finger pointing and a complete technology outsource!

    3) The Marina, Yacht Club or Port provides Beacon Wi-Fi access to a broadband connection (cable/DSL).

    4)The Marina, Yacht Club or Port pays a small monthly service fee which includes:

    a) Our award winning Marina Code system with codes issued via spreadsheet
    FREE roaming at all of our locations for the boaters
    b) (1) MarineSpotz page, which acts as the landing page for the boaters
    (under your control and seen by up to 5,000 boater/day)

    5) The boaters at your location get the award-winning Beacon Wi-Fi Network for FREE.

    6) While cruising, your customers get FREE access any of our 250+ marinas, yacht clubs and ports. AND they get the peace of mind and reliability of the Beacon Wi-Fi Network.


  • Beacon welcomes Great Lakes Marina in beautiful Muskegon, MI to the Beacon Wi-Fi Network!

    About 13 hours ago from Beacon Wi-Fi's Twitter via Twitter Lite

  • Harborage Marina in St Petersburg, FL Joins Beacon!

    The Harborage Marina in St Petersburg, FL has joined Beacon with a NextGen Marina Wi-Fi Network!

    14-02-2017-admin-No Comments