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    Why does Beacon only install Marinas?

    Beacon started in 2002 with the goal of solving a common problem at marinas – how to get good Wi-Fi signal. Over the past ten years we have gathered a significant amount of data through a few failures and whole lot of successes. Through our development we have designed a “better mouse trap” to manage the relationship between noise and signal – and we show our customers each and every day.  The marina environment is like no other wireless environment and we have proven time and after time that generic off-the-shelf wireless products do not consistently work, if work at all. Our focus on this problem alone is the reason why we have been able to find a solution.


    How come my current Wi-Fi system works o.k. when there are only a few boats in the water and fails when i need it the most, when the slips are full for the season?

    Picture you are in a large room, say 150ft by 150ft with tall ceilings. Your friend is on the far side of the room and it is just the two of you.  If you raise your voice a little and concentrate, you can have a conversation. Now, add 50-100 people with loud voices in different parts of the room, moving around all trying to have discussions with each other at different volumes, frequencies and languages. You might be able to hear your fiend’s voice, but bits of pieces of their words will come through and others are lost forever.  Off-the-shelf Wi-Fi products simply cannot manage the amount of “constantly changing” noise in the marine environment.  The Beacon Wi-Fi Network is specifically designed to manage this issue and 5,000 boaters/day logging in is our proof.


    Which wireless technologies does Beacon Wi-Fi use?

    Beacon uses a variety of wireless technologies in the 900mHz, 2.4gHz and 5gHz frequencies.  All situations are different and require a network that optimizes and balances speed, signal, noise and throughput.  This is why we do not sell a “cookie cutter” or “Wi-Fi in a box” type of system. We install systems that we are proud to take responsibility for.




    What is the relationship between BBX and Beacon Wi-Fi?

    BBX or Broadband Xpress was acquired by Beacon Wi-Fi in late 2010. BBX was a Wi-Fi pioneer in the great Northwest and is now part of the Beacon Wi-Fi Network.


    Is the BBX and Beacon Wi-Fi equipment the same?

    No.Beacon Wi-Fi and BBX equipment is not the same and Beacon Wi-Fi is quickly upgrading the BBX locations that wish to join the Beacon Wi-Fi Network as amenity marinas.


    Is all “hi-gain” Wi-Fi equipment the same such as the equipment used by Beacon Wi-Fi’s competition?

    No, absolutely not. Many companies have looked at a Beacon Wi-Fi installation and purchased equipment that looks the same, only to find out that “what’s under the hood is what counts”. Hi-gain implies higher performance through stronger radios and bigger antennae. If the problem of reliable marina Wi-Fi was this easy to solve, Beacon wouldn’t be removing brand new equipment installed by generic IT professionals each and every week at marinas to make room for ours.


    My marina is very small.  Does Beacon Wi-Fi only install large marinas, yacht clubs and ports?

    Any size of shape of marina is fine with Beacon and we have a variety of service plans to choose from.  We have marinas as small as 40 slips, marinas that hold 70 megayachts and ports as large as 2,300 covered and non-covered slips!  The problem still needs to be solved and the FREE Wi-Fi amenity is still in high demand, regardless of marina size.


    Why should I have the Beacon Wi-Fi Network installed at my marina versus a Wi-Fi system that my local IT guys says he can install?

    Let’s assume that your local IT guy installs a Wi-Fi network that works well in your office.  This had very little to do with anything in the marine market.  Most IT professionals are very good at what they do.  But….ask them how many marinas they have successfully installed backed by references from the marina owners?  Beacon has worked with many of our marina customers for over a decade – this speaks for itself.



    How can I justify the expense of a Beacon Wi-Fi system and NOT charge my customers directly for the service?


    The Beacon Wi-Fi Network has proven to sell slips and help justify slip prices over a long period of time. Beacon’s reference list is quite impressive and we urge you to speak with your colleagues who have added the Beacon Wi-Fi Network as an amenity at their location.  As crazy as it sounds, Wi-Fi is the #1 requested amenity at many of our marinas.  Why give customers a reason to leave?


    I thought Wi-Fi was on its way out?  What is the benefit of having Beacon Wi-Fi at our marina?

    Wi-Fi is here to stay.  It is the fastest, most reliable and most affordable wireless technology available. Why do all cell phones come with Wi-Fi modems? Enough said.  Wi-Fi used to be a basic means to surf the Internet.  Now it represents all the things your customers can do with reliable and fast connection – watch TV, rent movies, talk on their VOIP phones, install web cams for remote viewing.  Soon enough, there will be many more TV stations available online using an IPAD, ITOUCH, Laptop -whatever - than with the most sophisticated cable networks! The Beacon Wi-Fi Network already dwarfs basic cable systems with HBO Go, ESPN Go, Fox News, Netflix, HULU, MSN, etc. 


    The Beacon Wi-Fi Network is “an amenity that sells slips“, no different than power stations, clean restrooms, pump out service, secure parking and cable TV.


    Why does Beacon retain ownership of the installed equipment?

    Beacon has tried all models and this one simply works.  Technology changes so frequently and with Beacon is on the forefront, we like to proactively upgrade products throughout the life of the network.  As part of the monthly fees, it becomes our issue to manage and wedon’t have to invoice, ask questions and charge extra.  Beacon takes full responsibility for the success of the network over time.


    What can my customers do with a Beacon Wi-Fi system at my marina?

    They can watch TV, rent movies, run  their game systems, talk on their VOIP phones, install web cams for remote viewing, run a full network on their boats (for work or play).  Soon enough, there will be many more TV stations available online using an IPAD, ITOUCH, Laptop -whatever – than with the most sophisticated cable networks! The Beacon Wi-Fi Network already dwarfs basic cable systems with HBO Go, ESPN Go, Fox News, Netflix, HULU, MSN, etc.  Of course, this is all dependent upon available bandwidth and wireless coverage!




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