• The Wireless Challenge at Marinas



    Height limitations: Many of our locations have boats that are taller than the highest structure available to us for antenna installation. We generally can design a system that defeats this problem but sometimes, based on the size of the boats and their layout, the built-in modem of your mobile device (as little of 10mW of power) is simply not strong enough to penetrate the layers of fiberglass, RF interference, water line, etc. If/when this happens, we will do anything in our power to improve your experience. If you are receiving some signal but not an adequate amount, a simple $99 High Powered USB Adapter at www.getunpluggednow.com will do the trick.


    Covered Slips: Many of our locations on the UA and CAN west coast have a percentage of covered slips and boat houses that have metallic roofs and walls. This is NOT a wireless friendly environment since wireless signal bounce off of anything metallic. There a variety of methods that we use to rectify this situation, however, it is impossible to provide 100% coverage at some of these type of locations. We recommend products sold through www.getunpluggednow.com that have an antenna outside of the metallic structure and will bring the signal down to your boat and also rebroadcast wirelessly for multiple users.


    Ports: Many of the ports on the US and CAN west coast are widespread marinas, yards, retail stores on government properties where the location of our equipment is less than ideal and not always up to us. We do the best that we can in these circumstances by adding the most powerful equipment allowed by the FCC. However, we cannot always cover the entire area.


    Megayachts: Whenever a megayacht docks near you boat or in front of any Wi-Fi system, it generally causes interference. During our installation and planning process we usually can accommodate megayacht traffic but sometimes there are changes to slip layouts after our design and we deal with these one by one.


    Connecting from Neighboring areas: If you are docked at a one of our locations that has an access controller, your coverage will most always be adequate for connecting from any location. However, if you are at what we call a “covered by” location, which is a location next to an access controller, you are receiving peripheral signal and may need a booster to increase your signal. If this is the case, please contact the Dockmaster or Manager and ask them to contact us about becoming a member marina.

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