• The Beacon Wi-Fi Network at Your Marina

    A Lot More Than Just The Best Wireless Internet Service

    Beacon Wi-Fi has been providing their multi-faceted wireless Internet
    service at marinas for boaters since 2002.  Our focus has always been on one industry -  marine. We continue to expand our network which covers over 250 prominent marinas in the US and Canada so our customers can depend on a powerful, safe, fast and reliable Internet service virtually anywhere they cruise.  Boat owners, crew, marina staff and visitors can reliably surf the net, connect securely via VPN to their corporate networks, watch TV*, talk on the phone, watch movies*, trade stocks, work and play.  Give them more reasons to come to the marina. *Incoming bandwidth dependent

    Close relationships with our marina customers is a critical element to our success.  We are the biggest, we feel we are the best – but we are not perfect .Our marina customers have grown to truly appreciate the fact that when something doesnt go exactly as planned, Beacon Wi-Fi has another “gear “and will not stop until a permanent solution is found.  Beacon Wi-Fi is not the company that sells you a bunch of “cookie-cutter” equipment with our label slapped on the side and then sends a dealer to install.  Beacon Wi-Fi becomes your partner and guarantees coverage and service.

    The Amenity-Based program or Beacon Wi-Fi FREE allows Marinas of all sizes to offer Beacon Wi-Fi for FREE and gives you the peace of mind that the Internet connection at your location is safe, fast, reliable and 100% managed by the best. Beacon Wi-Fi always purchases and installs their equipment to ensure the highest quality of equipment, installation techniques and regular maintenance.  The right equipment is a “science” and we simply have more experience - with over 1000 outdoor installations.

    Our Marina Code Application allows slip renters and transients to create a unique username and password at your marina, managed via spreadsheet or optional marina code cards with printed instructions, access code and support number.  This username and password can be used at all of our locations! Keeping the WRONG people off of your system  is just as important as letting the RIGHT people on!

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  • Beacon welcomes Great Lakes Marina in beautiful Muskegon, MI to the Beacon Wi-Fi Network!

    About 13 hours ago from Beacon Wi-Fi's Twitter via Twitter Lite

  • Harborage Marina in St Petersburg, FL Joins Beacon!

    The Harborage Marina in St Petersburg, FL has joined Beacon with a NextGen Marina Wi-Fi Network!

    14-02-2017-admin-No Comments