• The Beginning

    Beacon was started in 2002 by two avid boaters with an idea, a desire and a passion to own a lifestyle business and a whole bunch of wireless experience. The idea was to provide high speed wireless access to the Internet for boaters while at their marinas, where we figured that the sky is the limit once a reliable and stable connection could be made. The vulture capitalist invasion is a typical story of greed, dishonesty and short-sided stupidity Рenough said. The experience was a combined 45 years of direct experience in building wireless companies, while holding and every management and major executive position. The combination of training and experience in marketing, engineering, sales, operations, finance and mergers and acquisitions have served well, from installing the largest network in the marine industry to navigating the company through interesting economic times.


    The work to develop the Beacon Wi-Fi Network started in a co-founder’s living room (which used to be a garage!) with a couple of friends, a business plan and a single marina installation. After 10 years, Beacon has grown organically, adding marina by marina and through 7 acquisitions. The Beacon Wi-Fi Network now covers multiple states, provinces, countries, coasts, bodies of water, cultures, time zones and services over 5,000 boat owners every day.


  • Beacon welcomes Great Lakes Marina in beautiful Muskegon, MI to the Beacon Wi-Fi Network!

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  • Harborage Marina in St Petersburg, FL Joins Beacon!

    The Harborage Marina in St Petersburg, FL has joined Beacon with a NextGen Marina Wi-Fi Network!

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