• The Deal

    The deal:

    1) The Marina, Yacht Club or Port pays a small installation fee, usually a fraction of the equipment costs.  This includes our proprietary noise management technology and configurations.

    2) Beacon Wi-Fi GUARANTEES coverage in the open areas of vessels

    3) Beacon Wi-Fi maintains ownership of the equipment so we are 100% responsible for the upkeep,

    upgrade and installation of the   network – no finger pointing and a complete technology outsource!

    4) The Marina, Yacht Club or Port provides Beacon Wi-Fi access to a broadband connection (cable/DSL).

    5)The Marina, Yacht Club or Port pays a small monthly service fee which includes:

      a)  7 day/week tech support for the boaters
      b)  Our award winning Marina Code system (link to beacon wifi interface.pdf – attached)
      c) FREE roaming at all of our locations for the boaters

      6) The boaters at your location get the award-winning Beacon Wi-Fi Network for FREE.
      7) While cruising, your customers get FREE access any of our 250+ marinas, yacht clubs and ports.  AND they get the peace of mind and reliability of the Beacon Wi-Fi Network.




      • MarinaCams: Show off your location to potential customers via live video feeds of the at your marina: (fuel dock,  docks, channels, entertainment areas, etc.)

    1. Beacon welcomes Great Lakes Marina in beautiful Muskegon, MI to the Beacon Wi-Fi Network!

      About 13 hours ago from Beacon Wi-Fi's Twitter via Twitter Lite

    2. Harborage Marina in St Petersburg, FL Joins Beacon!

      The Harborage Marina in St Petersburg, FL has joined Beacon with a NextGen Marina Wi-Fi Network!

      14-02-2017-admin-No Comments