• What is Beacon?

    Beacon is a full service wireless networking and media company that exclusively services the marine market.  Beacon is at the forefront of intersecting wireless technologies (The Beacon Wi-Fi Network), amenity services (Beacon Wi-Fi FREE services), boating lifestyles (Tritons Portal, Beacon Media) and wireless products (Get Unplugged Now).  It is a collection of companies and services focused on the marina market and its surrounding community.


    The Beacon Wi-Fi Network is the largest Wi-Fi network of its kind and is designed to provide in-cabin wireless coverage at marinas, with all of their shapes and sizes, so boat owners, crew, marina staff and visitors can reliably surf the net, connect securely via VPN to their corporate networks, watch TV*, talk on the phone, watch movies*, trade stocks, work and play. *Incoming Bandwidth dependent


    Beacon Wi-Fi FREE services are offered at most of our marina, yacht club and port customers to their boating customers, slip holders and members.  This amenity offers a tremendous draw for transient locations and a great everyday service in high demand, such as power, pump out and laundry.  Marinas, yacht clubs and ports who offer the Beacon Wi-Fi FREE service not only offer Internet service for FREE at their location but (in some cases more importantly) provide their clientele with FREE roaming at all of our 300+ locations!


    Triton’s Portal is a media engine that was developed in 2010 to offer a marine social networking, captive portal management and a media platform for boat owners, marina management and marine suppliers.  Tritons Portal, among many other things, serves as the landing page for the Beacon Wi-Fi Network at each location.  When a customer logs into the Beacon Wi-Fi Network, they eventually arrive at Tritons Portal where they will find specific information about their boating location( MarineSpotz), surrounding area and the marine industry in general through blogs, forums, sponsorship. Tritons Portal also has all the social networking features of facebook for boaters to upload pictures, communicate with boaters throughout the world, etc and is viewed by thousand of boat owners daily. MarinaCams, which are outdoor web cams or live views of our marinas, can be viewed through Triton’s Portal.


    Beacon Media serves advertisements, video and sponsorships from marine and non-marine suppliers through its domains-

    www.beaconwifi.cowww.bbxpress.net,  www.getunpluggednow.com ,www.tritonsportal.com-to the thousands of its daily boat-owning customers.  This intersection of boat owner, marina manager and marine supplier is unprecedented and brings together areas of common interest in a classy fashion.


    Get Unplugged Now was started in 2005 to provide Beacon Wi-Fi customers with wireless hardware and media solutions ranging from small wireless boosters to full amped up systems providing wireless range up to 1 mile.  As technology changes, Get Unplugged Now is always trying to help their customer adapt to changing environments.  Get Unplugged Now purchased the BBX Store in 2010 and now serves both US and CAN coasts with wireless networking, long range adapters, webcams, etc.

  • Beacon welcomes Great Lakes Marina in beautiful Muskegon, MI to the Beacon Wi-Fi Network!

    About 14 hours ago from Beacon Wi-Fi's Twitter via Twitter Lite

  • Harborage Marina in St Petersburg, FL Joins Beacon!

    The Harborage Marina in St Petersburg, FL has joined Beacon with a NextGen Marina Wi-Fi Network!

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