Beacon only publishes a few testimonials online.  We have over 100 references that are happy to explain their relationship with Beacon - which humbles us every day!

"We have utilized BEACON at our (4) four marinas since 2010 and have been very pleased with the overall service.  BEACON has been great to work with and our guests love having the service available on an ongoing basis.”

Randall M. Lyons - CMM, Newburyport Marinas Newburyport, MA

BEACON is our Wi-Fi partner.  Their systems are installed at eight of our locations and Beacon works very hard to satisfy our customers. Wi-Fi, as an amenity, is in very high demand and we count on BEACON to provide a high level of customer service”

Mike Watson, Island Global Yachting

"BEACON did exactly what they said they would do.  All of our slips have coverage and our customers are very satisfied.  Their technology simply works better than the others and they truly understand the marine environment and market.”

Jim Behun - CMM, Sunroad Resort Marina, San Diego, CA

BEACON has been our Wi-Fi partner for over a decade.  In 2014 we upgraded the network to Beacon’s NextGen system, to provide more robust coverage and speed for our customers’ many mobile devices. Our customers are very happy and so are we!"

Peter Davidoff CMM, Constitution Marina, Boston, MA

“We upgraded to BEACON’s NextGen Marina Wi-Fi system in 2014.  Our membership wanted high speeds, connectivity for all of their mobile devices and a secure BUT easy-to-use system. Our membership is very happy with Beacon!”

Rich Johnson, Capital Yacht Club, Washington D.C. 

“Over the years we tried a variety of solutions for marina Wi-Fi and nothing seemed to satisfy our customers.  We brought Beacon in for the 2014 season, they did exactly what they said they would do and our customers are VERY happy!  Not a single complaint!”

Greg Crocker, Crocker’s Boatyard 

“The Wi-Fi has been wonderful since BEACON took over with their NextGen System!! Thanks so much for working with us to get our technology to where it should be and what our customers demand and deserve”

Becky Flynn, Ram Point Marina , Wakefield, RI

“We went through several iterations and designs at our 750 marina for years with very little marina Wi-Fi success.  We decided to partner with BEACON in 2015. They worked with our contractor and electrician to design a complex and comprehensive marina Wi-Fi network with over wireless 35 systems covering the entire marina property.  Our customers are very happy  – finally – and can now count on consistent and fast communications from their boats – thanks!”

Kathy Luck, Marina Village Yacht Harbor. Alameda, CA

“For 4 or 5 years we tried several different systems and providers to create a dependable Wi-Fi system for our 800 slip marina. BEACON was able to overcome our wireless noise problems (airport) and installed a system that we are confident in offering.  BEACON’s problem solving, persistence and customer service have been head and shoulders above their competition”

Eric Leslie, Harbor Island West Marina, San Diego, CA

“Since we had BEACON installed, our customers can’t thank us enough.  For years we were looking for the right wireless partner and BEACON offers a service that our customers truly enjoy. BEACON covered all of our 600 slips and moorings and our customers watch movies, use their tablets, check email and connect to the office from their boats!”

John Gardner, Spicer’s Marina, Noank, CT

Over 100 Marina and Resort references Available Upon Request